Message from the Management
To the distinguished customers and business partners and valued employees of Jeil Jersey Co., Ltd.,

Our mission is to be the best.

"Create affordable products and reach effectual satisfaction." For this reason, our active brains joined to us from various parts of from Cheil Industries, Samsung Group and from other fields, as if an introverted brain transaction.

Jeil Jersey was mitosis born for a main purpose. Provide jersey fabrics in domestic market for sportswear. However to, day, Jeil Jersey became a global leading firm, not only domestic but also international markets, which handles from yarn to all kinds of jersey fabrics and garments.

All impact feedbacks from customers help us to find the way for our constant improvement and development. Thereto, we believe that Jeil Jersey could not have been exist without our active brains-valued employees who accept whole feedbacks from customers and make necessary and innovative improvements and developments with great efforts.

To put in a nutshell, effectual satisfaction is the reason of Jeil Jersey's endless innovations.

Jeil Jersey Management